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Kadkraft Systems
KISSsys Award 2014 Contest !

  • Friends Engineering invests in Solid Edge!

  • Emerson, JVS Engineering,  SAN Engineering, Panchal Machinery and Craftsman Automation invests in KISSsoft!

R&D for Survival!
  Investment in niche R&D software solutions to take you ahead in your business.

Siemens Velocity Series
Simufact.forming and Simufact.welding for Education
IIT Chennai, BITS Pilani, Anna University, Dnyanganga College,
College of Engineering,Pune, PES Institute of  Technology
opts for Simufact for metal-forming research and education

Material Research with JMatPro
IIT Mumbai, IIIT Madras, IIT Kharagpur, PEC University Chandigarh,
NIIST Trivandrum and NIT Surathkal invests in JMatPro for
cutting-edge metallurgical research and education

CAD training on Dell Workstations
Get superlative CAD learning experience in our CAD lab equipped with Dell T3500 and T1500 workstations 
equipped with nVidia Quadro card!

Comments from our patrons for 3D printing service

' Received the part, nicely done' - Sandeep from Kolkata

' We have received the product and we are very happy with the printing quality' - NS from Pune


'We received the box and it has come out as expected although the finish is somewhat rough but that's due to PLA process' - VS from Bangalore

'I have been able to use the pieces you sent me very well, my prototype has come out perfectly. It was accurately made and i am very satisfied with your work' - MS  from Saharanpur